It isn't easy being Green

I can’t stand Keith Locke, firstly because of his lazy drawl, secondly because he thinks Pol Pot was a hero and his type of government was a model to the West, and thirdly because he can’t keep a position straight just weeks apart.

Here is what he said about knives;

Green MP Keith Locke questioned whether prohibiting sales in shops would have any practical effect.

“The sorts of people who are going to carry and use knives are the sorts of people who could easily circumvent any prohibition.”

And you know what he is dead right. I actually agree with him on that. But surely if that applies to knives, surely it should apply to any weapon, right? Not in Keith Locke’s world it doesn’t.

In fact, we want it to go further down the road towards registering all firearms, and not just MSSAs. The present system of registering firearms owners, but not what weapons they have, allows people like the Napier gunman? Jan Molenaar to amass an armoury without the Police knowing.

Some gun lobbyists argue that general registration is bureaucratically cumbersome. However, we live in a computer age and it is not too hard to require gun traders to input details of sales into a database. In Australia the trading is supposed to be through registered traders, which makes recording who owns what guns relatively easy.

So registering guns and tightening restrictions should be done because of a few lawbreakers but restricting knives can’t be done because those type of people who carry knives don’t easily circumvent laws. He has been banging on about this like for-ever too.

In 2005 he objected to the Police receiving Bushmaster Rifles by saying:

The only opposition to the new rifles has come from the Greens’ police spokesman, Keith Locke, who fears the weapons will lead to American-style killings. He has urged police to proceed with caution.

Kermit GoatseRiiiight Keith, knives don’t bother because the people who carry them don’t give a shit about the law, but gun owners must register oh and the cops can’t have what the crims already have got. What a fuckwit. Clearly it isn’t easy being Green.

Anyone want to live in Keith’s world? The one where we have to rely on a disarmed police force, while the general population should have their guns bought back in a forced sale, but thugs can carry knives because they break the law anyway.

The solution of course is not to try and ban knives, that is so ridiculously silly that the government may just do it. The solution is to liberalise our gun laws so that ordinary citizens can protect themselves from criminals.

Do you want to rely on the Police to protect you? Let’s ask Navtej Singh shall we? Oh wait…….he’s dead.