It's not a wedding or a marriage

I just knew this would happen after the passage of a Civil Union law. A civil union has now transmogrified into a wedding and a marriage.

It’s early Monday morning and arriving at Moa’s mum’s house in Dunsandel, a quiet house a few doors down from an endless patchwork of paddocks, Moa emerges looking radiantly beautiful without a scrap of makeup and in bare feet.

She and her wife, burlesque artist Azaria Universe, live in Orewa but, with Azaria performing in Melbourne, her mum’s house is Moa’s bolthole, her quiet place.

Her wife huh? Does that make Anika Moa the husband? and;

“Boh Runga gave it to me for our wedding. I chose this one and Azaria chose one with two feathers. I’m going to see my nana tonight. She’s cooking tea for me and she’s probably going to want this and I’ll have to give it to her. I give my nana everything that she wants.”

The pair, who married last month, spent Christmas with Azaria’s family “up north” and Moa was introduced to the gentle game of petanque.

I married into a white family. They play petanque instead of beating each other up and drinking Lion Red,” she laughs.

Do you like lovely reference to domestic violence? And;

“When I first put it on, I didn’t like wearing it but after I got married, I love it. Azaria’s got a hardcore engagement ring. She’s the chick, I’m the man. I bought her a beautiful wedding band and she has an amazing engagement ring from her grandma. There was no proposal, we just discussed it. I’ve never been into marriage before, it would be suitable to be married if we had kids. We thought we’d have a quick civil union in a building, but then we had the idea to do what we did and all of a sudden, 150 of our mates were there and now I’m poor.”

Wow, three references to marriage, then one to a civil union which is then blithely dismissed. Incidentally they still had a civil union but you would never know that from this piece of fluff article. Oh and it turns out that Anika Moa thinks she is the “man” in the relationship.

“I really want to be a mum. We’re going to have heaps of kids. Azaria’s having them first and then I’m having them, maybe four, just as many as we can push out before we get too old. I want to get on the piss with them when they’re 18 and not be too old to do that.”

Oh lovely, I wonder how they are going to do that? A mystery milkshake or the good old turkey baster?

What’s the bet the homo/lezzo lobby makes moves to have civil unions made the same as marriage. I wouldn’t bet against that happening, it’s a sure thing.

And finally let’s make one thing clear lest someone accuses me of being homo-phobic. I am not afraid of anyone, man or woman or indifferent.

I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexuality, but can we please stop deluding ourselves like this tosh masquerading as an article. People wonder why we call journalists repeaters, well you need look no further than that article.