Keep Digging Charlie

Charlie Shovel really has no shame and his behaviour speaks volumes about why Labour is out of government. Somehow they think because the messenger is an ACT supporter it diminishes his behaviour. I doubt that the media and Charlie Shovel are correct when they say the kids were screaming. He even admitted on Breakfast this morning that the kid sitting next to BTP was quiet, so now we are down to two kids possibly screaming, one was 3 y.o. and the other 1 y.o. His story is complete bullshit.

Watch this video of Gladys this morning on Breakfast, then watch it again with the sound turned down. Anyone with even a basic understanding of body language knows this man is lying. He displays all the classic traits of a liar, but as a politician he should have learned to hide most of them by now. He is hopeless.

I feel sorry for Gladys he has lost his chance at the big time. He was regarded as one of the most talented Labour people, in a talent pool as deep as a carpark puddle, he was alleged to good understanding of business having actually earnt a crust not being a trougher and hard working. Instead of apologising and keeping his long-term leadership ambitions alive he decided to get all pious, nasty and typical born to rule socialist trougher. If he had simply apologised on Sunday night this story would have gone away. It is disappointing he has fallen over so badly in a way so out of touch with NZ, as much as Labour are scum, one day in the distant future they will run the country and we need guys like Gladys having influence rather than a bunch of union bludgers and teachers running the show. Meanwhile his felching friends and paid lap-bloggers have said that he is a father too. Well I’m sorry have a spank into a turkey baster does not a parent make. Sperm donor yes, but a father or parent, no. Watch the video.