Kerre Woodham on Sterilising Toxic Adults

Kerre Woodham has joined the debate sparked by David Garrett about sterilisation of deadbeat parents, or as Kerre puts it Toxic Adults.

VasectomyHitler wasn’t the first to promote the sterilisation of undesirables but he was certainly responsible for sterilisation’s bad PR.

The concept of forcibly removing the reproductive capabilities of people deemed undesirable by the state is anathema to most thinking people, so it’s not surprising that politicians, including those from his own Act Party, have distanced themselves from David Garrett’s suggestion that woeful parents be offered $5000 as an inducement to stop breeding.

He wasn’t necessarily promoting forcible sterilisation, though; just suggesting that people who want to limit their fertility be given the option to do so.

It’s one of life’s cruel jokes that those who are responsible for the most vicious treatment of children seem able to pop out babies at will, while other people spend years of emotional pain and thousands of dollars trying to have just one baby they can nurture and adore.

Indeed yes it is a cruel joke that the scum that beat and torture children to death willy-nilly pop them out only to abuse and torture some more. I struggle to understand what must reside in the incredibly tiny minds of these scum for them to be able to do those things to a child.

Finally riddle me this, New Zealand has the highest vasectomy rate in the world, our menfolk trot along in record numbers for a date all of 15 minutes with a pair of scissors. They get a bonus day off or if they are precious wee things a week off for the privilege. I would bet dollars to donuts that the ethnicity statistics for those getting vasectomies voluntarily is hugely weighted on the side of Europeans. The numbers would be, I am sure, a long way different from the demographic make up of our population.

Tania Witika, along with her partner Eddie Smith, inflicted the most appalling torture on her 22-month-old daughter Delcelia, before leaving the baby alone to die in her cot of peritonitis.

Witika served 10 years of a 16-year jail term, came out of prison, married and two years ago – 16 years after she was jailed for killing her first daughter – she gave birth to another one. God knows how many children Eddie’s bad seed is responsible for since his release from prison.

When you read of the injuries Delcelia Witika and Nia Glassie and James Whakaruru and “Lillybing” Karaitiana-Matiaha and Saliel Aplin and Olympia Jetson suffered, you can’t help wanting to ensure the toxic adults in their short lives never have the opportunity to cause that sort of pain again.

A primal response to evil isn’t the answer but I’m not such a flabby lefty that I subscribe to the school of thought that education is the key to ending child abuse.

And while I’m sure welfare agencies help many families, they can’t seem to cope with child abuse either.

Dead Beat parents should be locked upI don’t think Kerre is a flabby lefty at all, liberal, yes but certainly not a flabby lefty. She is right though about “edjookayshun” not working. The “if only we could give them a cuddle” type of liberal elite who for some reason gravitate to parliament, social service, teaching and policy development, don’t forget rampant welfarism as well all of which are responsible for the degradation of the family, the loss of basic skills that even a sheep can understand. All this clap-trap and mumbo-jumbo has done is cause nothing but grief, especially if you have the misfortune to be born brown and poor with a silly first name. The statistics really are damning but as all those mentioned above are too soft to state the bleeding obvious it is left to bloggers like me to say it because we are not afraid to tell it like it is.

The nanny state has failed, it has turned out to be an abusive parent intent on destroying its children. All the “understanding”, the hugs and cuddles, the education, the post-colonial wailing has done now’t but disempower our parents, our schools and our elders. In the process some sectors of society behave little more than animals, but they are worse than animals because even cattle, sheep and pigs look after young.

How many government, community, iwi and council agencies were within a 5km radius of the home where twins Chris and Cru Kahui died?

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s announcement this week that she would be looking at the recommendations of a special task force into child abuse shocked me: I would have thought that they would already be in place.

Data-sharing between agencies is basic stuff, but right now that’s not routine and it probably cost the life of 22-month-old Hail-Sage McClutchie, who died in Morrinsville last year.

Her mother has one child in CYF care; the second lives with the father’s family and the third, Hail-Sage, died of head injuries in Waikato Hospital.

It goes without saying the children were all born to different fathers.

At least Kerre is prepared to state the obvious as well. This is almost exclusively a maori problem, but I don’t mean that in a belittling way i mean that in a demographic way. I have a theory as to why Pacific Islanders do not figure in the big picture statistics and that is the intervention and guidance of their churches. Call me racist or dumb or both, but all you have to do is spend a lot of time in South Auckland to see the results of our great social experiment unfold everyday in front of your face. Ask a doctor, ask a phlebotomist, ask any one who works at the street level in the industrial areas of Manukau round Wiri and the city centre, they know, they see it, and they say nothing.

No one has been held accountable for Hail-Sage’s death and CYF have admitted they hadn’t known she was at risk.

I don’t have the answer. I don’t know how anyone can abuse vulnerable babies so I don’t know how to stop them – short of lining the mongrels up against the wall and shooting them. (Little David Garrett moment there).

But our child abuse stats are absolutely appalling and every option to save kids’ lives should be considered, no matter how extreme we might think it.

I don’t the actual answer on how to stop child abuse in such appalling numbers but I know one thing for sure. What we are doing NOW and what we have been doing prior hasn’t worked, at all, ever. The time for talk about our countries killing fields of children is over, it is now time for action. David Garrett’s solution, though blown out of all proportion by the liberal elite may actually be part of the solution. Why not try something like that, nothing else has worked.

We have a government that wants to increase driving ages in order to save 36 people a year, you need a licence to drive the car, a licence to own a gun, a licence to own a dog, a licence to fly a plane, but anyone with ovaries or testicles can be party to donating to the genetic makeup of a child, and then “look after it” without a licence. Raising children is arguably more difficult than all the above but you don’t need a licence. Oh and Steven Joyce don’t use that as an excuse to pass another bloody law, I’m just saying that our country has its priorities all fucked up.