Labour gets us to pay for their Tax campaign

Who is paying for Labour’s Magical, Fairyland, Money-Pixies Bus Tour?

This will make Phil Heatley look like a small time pickpocket. Labour has a fan page on Facebook for their Axe the Tax campaign which seem like just a tiki tour of slogans. It is Interesting for only one thing.

It seems that we are paying for it.

For some reason they have also photoshopped the side on view of the bus around the wording. You can see the crap job clearly in this photo. What I want to know is who paid for the wrap of the bus, that ain’t cheap.

And if you are in any doubt as to who is paying for this campaign, check the bottom of the page on Labour’s Axe the Tax website.

This is why the Parliamentary Service should be open to the OIA. As it is under Goff’s Leaders budget we have no way of knowing how much this is costing us. I hope the Auditor-General takes a close look at Goff’s leaders budget spending.

Axe the Bus

Labour gets us to pay for the campaign.