Lazy Blogging

So much for freedom of speech – Karl du Fresne adds another perspective on sterilisation.

NSIDC Reports That Antarctica is Cooling and Sea Ice is Increasing – Another climate change myth explodes in scientists faces

Praying mantis vs. hummingbird – from Boing Boing, where do they find this cool shit?

How the venus flytrap eats a frog – Another Boing Boing find

iPad Gets a Doritos-Themed Parody – iPad is still being mocked

The anti-whaling ship of fools – Clare Browning, at The Pundit of all places, hooks into the loonies, Koru-Club and the paid lap-blog over Whaling. Once again a bloggers nickname has stuck. I love it when lefties pull hair and scratch each other.

Will Twitter do the Right Thing and Remove the Official Hamas Twitter Account? – I doubt it, most of these tech companies are run by climate change, green freaks who think big bad Israel is evil and the peace loving muslim rocket chuckers are real humanitarian in trying to educate the obvious stupid Israelis that they deserve a free ride.

Saving endangered **what**, exactly? – Yeah I say Slay the Whales, except this one, me I mean…Orca don’t taste good anyway, or so I’ve heard.

Why I will take over from Kiwiblog – Simple really, I didn’t know sharks were Jews though.

Here is the proof – Yum Penguiiiiiiin

Shock, Horror!!! Holding The Front Page At The Royal Nz Herald – Janet Wilson hooks into the Herald and Shayne Currie is never going to be invited to the Ralston/Wilson household, like ever.