Lesson Three – Spinning Bullsh*t with Fergus "Meat" Cleaver

Fergus "Meat" CleaverYou know it is a funny old day when the fool du jour aka Fergus “Meat” Cleaver gets his media pals to run his “hacked” spin by you.

Yes indeed no less than 6 repeaters from as many media outlets either rang, emailed, Facebooked or Tweeted me to tell me “Meat” is a real nice guy and he was “hacked”.

This of course failed my sniff test after the second call inside an hour. I call bullshit on “Meat”. What I do now know is the “Meat” hangs with the repeater crowd, the gliteratti if you will, he is also into Phat music.You know the party crowd…well you get my drift.

I don’t know about you but doing lines and dealing in shit doesn’t quite cut it for me in the truth stakes.

Here is why the “hacked” line is bullshit.

  1. What random hacker would hack a flea accounting firm of a 26 year old accountant then randomly select an email and annoying insult just one person and leave it all at that?
  2. If not a hack which one repeater also claimed to have had happen to her, which was actually a virus, then which virus exists out there that randomly picks a person, then ascertains the sex of the recipient then insults them with a sex specific insult?
  3. Why wouldn’t a hacker have taken his database, which would have been far more important that calling some random person a whore?
  4. Why isn’t his entire IT system completely rooted by said hacker, instead of the hacker after taking the time to break in just sent 1 email?

It’s bullshit weasel words that’s why. Fergus “Meat” Cleaver is an idiot and has lied from beginning to end. Now go tell your repeater mates not to lie to a blogger.

Fergus "Meat" Cleaver

Fergus "Meat" Cleaver - Dullard of the Year