Mad as a box of frogs

hat tip Big News

Brian Tamaki  is as mad as a box of frogs

Brian Tamaki (I refuse to call him Bishop) is mad. Now I’m not really one to talk but Brian actually thinks he is the physical manifestation of God on Earth.

I don’t know about you guys but I really don’t think someone as venal as Brian Tamaki would be the Second Coming of Christ, would you?

It is worse though.

It is inevitable that Satan will attempt to destroy the work of God by spreading lies and slanders against God’s Annointed Man. As the Last Days unfold, Bishop Tamaki will undoubtedly come under increasing attack from his enemies.

In recent days we have seen this in the media. A recent episode of Campbell Live attempted to “expose” Destiny’s finances – though it is clear that Destiny has done nothing illegal.

Earlier this year, the Church and God’s Man Bishop Tamaki was the subject of an attack on Sunrise, an early morning TV3 show in which Dr Dennis Green, a religious scholar, compared the Bishop to Jim Jones and called Destiny a cult.

He’s nuts, and now his flock are starting to discover just how venal he really is. He is running a cult, a cult of personality. I think he is actually believing all the shit his followers say about him.

I wonder though when Brian will tell his flock that his marriage is a charade, and that Mrs Tamaki hasn’t been seen for months at the house in Maraetai