Mad Mayor to make major announcement

The Mad Mayor, Andrew Williams, is to make what he describes as a major announcement. There are some questions I’d like to ask first so he can incorporate the answers into his announcement.

  1. GPK or Portifino for the announcement?
  2. On thursday night was he at home working like he said, or out and not drunk like his wife said, or at a meeting from 4pm then at GPK from6pm till 9:30pm like he said, or at Portifino from 12pm till 6pm and then at GPK from 6pm till after 10pm like others have said? It’s all so confusing
  3. If he was sober then why is the timestamp on photos I have seen of him stumbling down Hurstmere Road timestamped 10:28pm? Yes indeed there are photos
  4. Does it really take an hour to stable down Hurstmere Road, well lit y those wonder council supplied street lights?
  5. I wonder what the Police Communications call recording say and what the time stamp on those say? Oh dear there was a call to the Police.
  6. Can Andrew Williams actually ever tell the truth? Of course not
  7. Will he announce his resignation? Pffft believe it when I see it
  8. Or his Supercity Mayoralty Campaign? Fingers crossed
  9. Or a Defamation action? Would be hilarious
  10. Or that he has never been drunk since his 21st Birthday? Oh puuuulease, he’s tried that one already.