Monday Mullets

The Chiefs should hang their heads in shame, for the bogan capital of New Zealand they have not a single Mullet in their team.

The Highlanders on the other hand have Tim Boys. He is this weeks Monday Mullet.

Zinzan Brooke mulletEven more disappointing though is there is not a single mullet in any other team, even Jason Eaton has trimmed off his ginger mullet, perhaps he has gone gay.

We really need to have a bring back the mullet campaign. We need a mullet culture and some mongrel back if we want to win the Super 14, like the NHL all grow mullets and beards for the play offs. The All Blacks ruled the world when Zinzan Brooke sported a mullet. In fact I think there is a Master level degree in the discovering whether the increased prevalence of mullets and porn-star moustaches helps win World Cups. The last time the All Blacks one a World Cup there were mullets and porn-star moustaches in abundance in the team.

Monday Mullet Tim Boys

Monday Mullet Tim Boys