More Maori troughers revealed

Just like Te Reo Marama and Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook, some more Maori organisations have had their funding suspended after non-delivery of mile-stones and achievements.

A note on Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook, he has his hand out again, this time to fund a Stop Smoking hui, yes Shane and your coterie of other troughers, I am still inside your mail list. Of course Shane is wanting the government to pay for what wold be little more than a hui to clap each other on the back at what a fine job they are doing swilling at the trough and for some more people to wail and cry about how many aunties have died smoking the evil weed.


One of the Government’s biggest Maori business development projects has been suspended, amid serious concerns about what it achieved with millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

The project has been frozen and the Maori Development Ministry, Te Puni Kokiri, says that, if “fees were taken inappropriately, recovery action will be taken”.

One of the agencies involved is now calling for an independent inquiry into how the public money was spent.

The Tekau Plus project, designed to develop 10 Maori businesses so each would earn $10m of foreign exchange within a decade, was run by two decorated businessmen and the Maori Trustee.

An investigation by The Dominion Post has revealed that fees running into tens of thousands of dollars were charged for work such as reading media articles, a business awards list and economic forecasts.

The project was suspended after Te Puni Kokiri raised concerns about perceived conflicts of interest, its value for money and whether it had complied with its contract.

The project was worth $3m and two-thirds of the money has already been paid out.

I fail to understand why we are teaching Maori how to be entrepreneurs. In New Zealand they were the original entrepreneurs. In 1899 around East Cape my wifes relatives were trading solely with Maori, they built their business out of it as no-one else would do that. Maori were one the first tobacco traders after introduction by American Whalers, who were introduced to it by American Indians. So while some tribes in the US are coming down here to claim their treasures back like fish eggs, I haven’t seen too many wanting to claim back tobacco. Maori also saw and opportunity to make a quick buck when preserved Maori heads were in demand. They quickly dispatched a few slaves and tattoo’d their faces and flogged them off.

You can’t teach entrepreneur-ship. You either have it or you don’t. I believe that many Maori do have it, a natural trading. So a $3million project to teach business has burned off $2million and got nowhere except to line the pockets of the people supposed to be doing the teaching. The only thing thy appear to have taught the pupil businesses is how to trough from the taxpayer filled trough, one that usually is replenished endlessly.