Name Suppression silliness just keeps on Coming

Youth target in knife-crime review
New Zealand Herald
In sentencing the attacker, who has name suppression, to life imprisonment, Justice Raynor Asher suggested a parliamentary review of knife possession laws.

Bizzarely in this case the Ministry of Justice has come out and said that the Government consider a proposal to limit the sale of knives to young people amid concerns over the number of knife crimes. The option is suggested in a Ministry of Justice review of knife possession, released yesterday, which looks at ways to address knife violence.

What drugs are FIGJAM‘s officials on? ban this, ban that, increase penalties there, again here. The suggestion to ban the sale of knives to children must be an idea out of the Retard Unit, especially with regard to the above case. It was a kitchen knife, next thing the Government will be requiring householders to put locks on their knife drawer in case someone takes a knife out of the drawer. FFS we need less laws not more! This retarded idea won’t stop a single stabbing, FIGJAM should tell his officials to pull their heads out of their arse and have good hard look at the real world that exists outside of the their cubicle.

Pair fight to keep name suppression
Name suppression for her and her husband was due to be lifted at 5pm today pending an appeal. Auckland District Court records show an appeal has been lodged

This is a ridiculous case. The man is so well known that when his is named there will be outrage that he could even get a look in at name suppression let alone be able to amble out of the courtroom away from media throughthe judges door.

Meanwhile the NZ Truth has a front page article about a senior cop who is on charges of incest with his daughter who has name suppression. The NZ Truth has named the person and thus becomes the first media outlet to man up and support my campaign. There isn’t an online version so go support them by buying a paper. I suppose it would be to hard to expect the Solicitor-General to apply the same standards to the media as they are to me.

Labor MP’s son accused of sex assault – Clearly not from new Zealand because they don’t have name suppression.

POLICE have charged the son of the long-serving NSW Labor MP John Aquilina with the sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman.

Jeremy Aquilina, 25, has been charged with five counts of sexual assault and one count of an act of indecency.

The alleged assault occurred on Saturday night in a park near Jeremy Aquilina’s house in Raleigh Place, St Clair.

Police said the woman had told them she visited the house that night and was later assaulted in a park.

Mr Aquilina was arrested at home on Sunday.

He was granted conditional bail by police and is due to appear in Penrith Local Court on March 29.

John Aquilina is the leader of the house and a former minister for education and training, and fair trading. He is the longest serving state MP.

A spokesman for the leader of the house confirmed yesterday charges had been laid against Mr Aquilina’s son. ”The details of the case are on public record ? Mr Aquilina will not be making any further comment.”

Jeremy is the second of Mr Aquilina’s three children.

Once again this is proof that victims do not get named. How much evidence do the fools at the Law Commission and the Justice Ministry need to realise our law is out of step and impinges on our BORA?