New information on Clown

Jonathan Marshall, as predicted has released more information that directly contradicts the clowns claims. On Saturday to Jonathan Marshals questions he stated he had been at work all day, then on Sunday after the story broke his missus said that he didn’t come home drunk, then today he says he was under the limit and that he was drinking alone. Those three sets of statements to media organisations cannot hold true together. Either he was at home working all night or he was in GPK. How would he possibly know he was under the limit without a breath test?

Andrew Williams is lying at worst or bending the vaguest sense of truth around the reality.

Now Jonathan Marshal has released more information, and the Clown’s story is holding any water. So far the only changes in the story have been the Clown’s and Marshal has stayed strong with his story. Only an idiot could believe the Clown now.

When is Andrew Williams going to tell the truth?

  • He has consumed at least two bottles of wine, The Whales informants suggest that not all the receipts from GPK have been obtained and there may well be more bottles purchased.
  • He was drinking from 4pm and not 6pm as claimed by Williams
  • The Star-Times obtained a copy of the bill from GPK showing Williams was drinking Porters Syrah at more than $80 a bottle!

I’m betting Marshall has even more evidence. He wouldn’t have printed twice now without being very sure of his facts and nor would Fairfax’s lawyers allow it either.

The Clown must go.