Nice commenter – Ian McLauchlan of C.C.D.H.B. – Mental Health

There was a comment just posted on my sterilisation post under the pseudonym ticfan67;

You don’t think you’re guilty of double standards? You bitch and moan about the”nanny state” telling people not to use cellphones while driving or that kids shouldn’t get to drive till they’re 16 but then seem to feel it’s OK for the same Govt to make a call on who gets to breed or not! Compulsory sterilisation was wrong when hitler did it, wrong when the US did it , wrong when India and China did it and it was wrong when the NZ govt did it in the past. Do you think mentally ill people are fit parents? If not have you been sterilised? “Judge not lest ye be judged”

The problem ticfan67 has is that he is Ian McLauchlan of the Capital & Coast DHB, you see the fool used his own email address ([email protected]) and his ip address that he posted from resolves to CCDHB.

Big deal? you say. Well, Ian McLauchlan was a New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses appointee under the Labour Government on the Taser assessment advisory team.

Ian, of course like all crim cuddlers obfuscates about my position. I never advocated compulsory sterilisation. Also your comment about mentally ill parents is just a spiteful slight at me. The people who abuse their children aren’t mentally ill, they are just fuckwits and should be treated accordingly. They are beyond redemption especially when they have killed more than once. The fact that you try to play on my mental health issues when you are in fact a Mental Health Nurse says a great deal more about you than it does about me. At least I have an excuse for my behaviour, what’s yours?

You fuck with me at your peril. As a mental health nurse advising the government I would have thought you would have known better than to make stupid comments under your real email address. Hope you enjoy your new fame.

UPDATE: I wonder what Ian McLauchlan, Mental Health Nurse of Capital & Coast DHB thinks about his own department’s description of services. I wouldn’t think mocking people with mental health issues was one of their more well known services. Is this some sort of new advanced therapy?