No Len you weren't cleared

Heather McCracken, or more properly Len Brown, because she simply ran his lines like a good little repeater, says that Len Brown has been cleared by the Auditor-General over his shenangins with awarding a contract to the losing bidder.

Len Brown wasn’t cleared by the Auditor-General, far from it. The A-G didn’t even look at the case and wrote to say that she wouldn’t be looking into it at all as it was outside her purview.

Len Brown is using the Philip Field defense. It is pure spin and lies and proves once again that repeaters never look beyond the precious words of politicians.

Len then cries that he is being attacked by politically motivated smear merchants because he is standing for the super city mayoralty. Of course he is, bloggers and the like will attack you when we see cronyism, corruption and favouritism. If he wants to be the mayor of Auckland then he needs to clean up his shonky behaviour.

And like his team won’t be attacking John Banks every time they get a chance…..oh puuuuulease, you are better than this spin Len and Conor.

Now cue Mediatart to divert, obfuscate and lie.