No one is listening "Gary"

I really feel sorry for Phil “Gary” Twyford. unwanted by Labour anywhere, he is a lost soul, he doesn’t even have a seat on the taxpayer funded tax bus. He has been organising protests about the super city for Auckland and today was the big, a protest outside of select committee hearing in Auckland.

It has been hyped by Labour, spread by the lap-bloggers….

…and 30 people turned up.

It made such and impact that not a single new agency carries any news of it. My appearance in court has generated more news lines.

The sad problem for “Gary” is that Aucklanders don’t actually care and the only attendees at the protest would have been assorted nutbar and ne’er-do-wells associated with mad Penny Bright who sees the hand of the VRWC in every motion put by Auckland City. Various other rent-a-mob professional protesters would have been there but the best that “Gary” and Rent-a-demo could muster was 30 drop-kicks.

Pathetic. I bet if Phil Twyford tried to commit suicide he’d even fuck that up.