One less Labour Trougher

Best way to deal with troughers. Bring shame and humiliation down upon their heads until they resign.

Hemi Matenga has resigned as a Porirua city councillor, a decision some of his colleagues are applauding, but another has slammed their “hypocrisy”.

Kapi-Mana News understands Mr Matenga, who has not been present at any scheduled meetings this year, sent a letter to the council’s chief executive Roger Blakeley last Wednesday, informing him of his decision to stand down.

That day, prior to an annual plan meeting, councillor Euon Murrell raised a question around Mr Matenga’s continued non-attendance. Dr Blakeley said if Mr Matenga missed four consecutive meetings, or no-one moved his apology, he could be removed from his position? with three meetings coming up before April 1, he may have been out of a job in short order.

Councillor Denys Latham said he felt “embarrassed” and “inefficient” when people regularly asked him where “councillor X” was.

Good Riddance, now pursue him for his salary for non-performance.