Pay Equity Bullshit

Labour is running a campaign trying to get the government to address the issue of pay equity. Never mind that they were in power for 9 years under the She-Beast and did nothing about it, all of a sudden is is top priority for them.

They have a problem though with their campaign.

2 Women = 2 Poofs?

From this photo it seems utterly confusing as to what their position is.

Are they saying that they want pay equity with poofs?

The pay equity issue is bullshit. From that photo we can see two women MPs and Two Men MPs. Are they paid differently? Of course not. Despite long service (another bullshit idea) no matter what backbencher you are, male, female, homo, lesbo, in-between, you still get paid the same as the next back-bench MPs.

They can take this campaign and shove it. They had nine years with the Prime Minister allegedly a woman. If they didn’t do it then, when were they going to do it?