Phil Goff's Secret Agenda

Winstone Quarry - Mt Roskill - Phil Goff's electorateHow long has Phil Goff been the member for Mount Roskill?

And this is how he treats his own back yard.? The Winstone Quarry, is only 350 metres from Phil Goff’s electorate office.

A working open cast quarry in the middle of the city, in Phill Goff’s electorate and not a single complaint from him about that.

If this is what he’s prepared to have his own constituents put up with then let’s hope he never becomes Prime Minister – he’ll strip mine the whole country. And unlike yester-year the new mines and quarries will be left as dead bare ground for that is what he says results from having a mine or quarry.

I suspect this is his “secret agenda.”

There are many other former quarries around Auckland that have been transformed into other useful pieces of land. Auckland Grammar and Mt Eden Prison, school fields and other facilities built on an old quarry ground. Then there is Eden Gardens built in a scoria quarry on side of Mt Eden, beautiful sub-tropical garden and a destination of tour coaches daily. Mt Eden of course is a required tourist stop being the Highest point on the Auckland Isthmus, they drive right past two major quarry sites to get there, I doubt they even noticed. Over in Mt Wellington there is a massive new subdivision complete with a lake, schools and recreational facilities being built inside the massive old open cast quarry. We musn’t forget also the Teachers Training College where most of Labour’s MPs were probably trained, built on an old quarry too. Most of them probably parked their Morris 1100’s in it everyday. Now of course it is filled with buildings.

Don’t believe Labour when they say that mines and quarries leave the land ruined and unusable for any other purpose. The proof people is right before your eye everywhere you look. Even in Wellington right beside a route where Tourists travel in coaches, or in their own cars on a daily occurrence, on their way to and from the Ferry Terminal. Is Labour suggesting that Ngauranga be shut down?