Power Hour is almost upon us – turn on everything

Ok get an extra hour in and turn on everything now. The repeater, Laura McQuillan, in the Herald reckons we are akin to holocaust deniers, the thing is the holocaust actually happened, whereas Global Warming, though it happens, is entirely natural and the imperiling of the Earth is completely fictious. It is Warmists that are the real deniers.

So the have a silly symbolic “Earth Hour”, where we are supposed to turn everything off. You know pretend we are like North Korea, which probably how most greens commies want us to be.

Guess which Korea is free and which is a communist dictatorship?
Guess which Korea eats and which one starves?
Electricity sets us free. Choose freedom. Build more power plants. Especially nuclear plants, Oh and mine the uranium.

Embrace Power, love it for it sets you free.

Embrace Power, love it for it sets you free.