Premature Speculation

I was driving to my mates workshop this morning at 0830 when the news came on. The second story was about Russel Norman being “aghast” at the rumour that Jenny Shipley might be appointed as Commission to ECan.

Russel Norman making a tit of himself.

Apart from his whiny Aussie accent he gets the key part of his slander of Dame Jenny Shipley dead wrong. It was Ruth Richardson who authored the Mother of All Budgets. I can see how he could be confused with the similar names, height, weight and dress sense, anyone would be confused between the two.

Of course if he had lived most of his life in New Zealand instead of working very hard for the classic Trotsky-ist Australian Socialist Workers Party he would have known the details before he opened his mouth and proved to all listening that he is all hot air and sound bites and not a bit of substance. Ironically, at the same time as Ruth Richardson was finalising her Mother of all Budgets; Russel Norman left the Australian Workers Party saying ?because they didn?t take the environment [or] democracy seriously enough?.

Classic I.D.10.T problem