Questions that need answers

  • If global warming is going to drastically alter the climate how come there were zero tornadoes in February when Al Gore said that will increase?
  • Is it because he is still a proven liar?
  • How come when we have supposed to have had the hottest decade ever (well, since records began) we have also had the snowiest decade on record?
  • Is calling Phil Jones a fraudster just a little too harsh?
  • What do Phil Jones’ words “As before the stations with normal values do not get used.” mean?
  • Does that mean they don’t use data that might hide the incline?
  • I would have thought normal data is what should be used, rather than manipulated data?
  • Is that really lying?
  • Is it fraud?
  • Oh come on now, you are just being hysterical surely?
  • I thought that the stolen leaked emails were just a few heated words between scientists, how come those emails outline a deliberate deception?
  • Has anyone yet denied that they are real and nothing but a forgery by “deniers”?
  • Why were these emails “stolen” as described our lefties here and Don Brash’s emails “released in the public interest”?
  • When will “Quota” Smith finally confess he was baffled by the bullshit?
  • When will “Smile and Wave” Key can the ETS?
  • Surely he knows this is going to look stupid once the indictments start flowing?
  • When will NIWA start telling the truth?
  • Is Gareth Renowden a complete twat?
  • Is he a fraud as well?
  • Ok what about as deluded as “Quota” Smith?
  • Oh come that is too harsh for anyone surely?
  • Can we mark “believers with a tattoo so when they later claim they didn’t “really” believe they were just tricking we can kick their lying balls real hard?
  • That goes for Lynne, the guy with girls name too, ok?