Rain in Spain Falls mainly on the Plain…

The snow falls all over the Costa Brava, Majorca, Barcelona and the Baleriac Islands.

Of course the the Truth Deniers will say that this is weather stupid, except they forget that weather makes up climate eventually. These snowstorms haven’t been seen for more than 50 years. That would tend to suggest the the Earth is in fact cooling again after a bit of warming.

Poor old Poms, you’ve gotta feel for them, they live in the coldest muslim country in the world and to escape the big freeze and the most miserable winters imaginable they take their pounds and scoot to the Costa Brava for a bit of winter warmth and then cop some real brass monkey weather.

It is a huge sigh of relief though, just think how cold it would have been without AGW.

Apparently by paying an extra tax on EVERYTHING, we can change the weather and save the World.

Carbon Credits. What a scam. No end customers, there is no physical product, and the traders get to make fortunes by moving ‘nothing’ about.

You simply could not make this up.