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Photoshop job like Helen Clark's but better canvas to start fromA Conservative candidate vying to replace Sir Peter Viggers at the General Election has become embroiled in an airbrushing row as she had her teeth and skin improved for a campaign poster.

Caroline Dinenage, 38, hopes to replace Sir Peter, who announced he would step down at the election after The Daily Telegraph disclosed his claim for a floating duck house.

A billboard showing her face along with the slogan “It’s time for change” has been placed on the A32 leading into Gosport, Hants.

But the poster, which comes from a publicity photo sent to the media by the Tories, has fewer wrinkles, straighter and whiter teeth and smoothed hair.

The prospective parliamentary candidate initially denied her image had been airbrushed, instead claiming it looked different because the original photo had to be blown up to fit the billboard.

But her personal assistant Glenn Duggan has now confirmed the image was changed without her knowledge to make her look “more attractive”.

The wonder is they think they can get away with it. Still our erstwhile Prime Monster, the she-best got away with it for 9 years because a sycophantic repeater corps would dare say a word. At least with the MP above she had a better canvas with which the photoshop guru could work with.

The she-beast, Helen Clark

The she-beast, Helen Clark, before and after photoshop