Repeater fined for Shonky Repeating

from Croz Walsh’s blog

Barbara Dreaver and TVNZ found guilty of unbalanced reporting. Barbara Dreaver, who sent a number of misleading reports on Fiji until she was denied entry, has been found wanting for one of her reports on Samoa, and TVNZ that screened and added to her story suggesting Samoa was awash with drugs and guns, has been fined $5000 by the Broadcast Standard Authority, payable to the Samoa Government, with another $2000 payable to the Crown.

“In the Authority’s view, the cumulative effect of such a dramatic introduction coupled with the information presented in the item was to create an impression for viewers that not only was the situation in Samoa extremely serious, but Government officials were complicit in the guns and drugs trade.”

Two years ago the BSA ruled against Michael Field for misrepresentation.? It’s always too late but thank goodness there is some check on sloppy and irresponsible journalism.

Michael Field really is a prize prick as well as being woefully ill-informed. For a repeater he seems awfully bitter.

Meanwhile back in Fiji the Commodore has started to clean house. He is sorting all the civil service problems out! Affairs and pillow talk are very common in Fiji government departments.

Civil servants engaging in extra-marital affairs will face the sack, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says.

Speaking at Nacamaki Village, on Koro yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama said the military had led the way by sacking 10 instructors for having sex with female cadet officers.

?This should be a warning to everyone employed as a civil servant. We will not tolerate such behaviour from those employed by Government,? he said.

Commodore Bainimarama said civil servants must show good examples to the people they served.

?If any civil servant is found engaged in such activities, they will be dealt with accordingly,? he said.
He warned all civil servants to maintain ethics and values.

Imagine the uproar here if John Key did the same! I wonder ? Tigerpig‘s most popular hunting grounds would be out of bounds?