Repulsion Camel obfuscates

Replusion Camel put up a post at Red A-blert. As usual she misses the point. She must have been having one of her Pasifika days today because she missed the connection Todd? McCLay was making about welfare-ism and child abuse.

Todd went down the wrong path when he disrespectfully brought Nia Glassie in to the debate.? He?went?in to a rant abour how she was surrounded by people on benefits and therefore (in his mind) this led to her murder.

This was not only bad taste but it was offensive.? Not only is the Govt trying to stigmatise beneficiaries as lazy; dole bludgers, ripping off the system BUT NOW they are adding ? child abusers and even child murderers ? to the stigma.

I personally take great offence to this inference.

Instead of taking offence she should have used the gate, but being one who is easily offended she had to squeal. To show how egregious wrong she was, here is the part of Hansard she is referring to.

I want to conclude by giving members an example of what *long-term welfare dependency does to New Zealand families. I want members to think back for a moment to a few years ago and to the horrific murder of young *Nia Glassie in Rotorua. Her entire family and all of the people there were on benefits.

Hon Parekura Horomia: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker?[Interruption].

ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Hon Rick Barker): The House will be silent. I have a point of order from the Hon Parekura Horomia.

Hon Parekura Horomia: The member is going well out of the brief of this discussion. He is making a mockery of what has happened in the past.

The ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Hon Rick Barker): I know what members are alluding to, but it is a debating point. It is not a point of order.

TODD McCLAY: I am not making a mockery of anybody?

Hon Dr Nick Smith: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I am but 2 metres from the speaker, and I cannot hear a word of what he is saying because of the barracking and screeching that is coming from the other side of the House. I think if we are to have?

The ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Hon Rick Barker): This has been a robust debate. I have to say that I can hear Mr Todd McClay quite clearly from here. I have been able to hear other people. The member?s own party has been engaged in a substantial amount of barracking across the House. I think it is about even. I say to members that the point has been made.

TODD McCLAY: I pay great tribute to the young Nia Glassie, and I have little or no regard for the people who murdered her. But I say to members that if we look at that family and those around them, there was long-term welfare dependency. The people who murdered her were on benefits and did not have jobs. Largely, the long-term welfare dependency that was promoted by the previous Government in New Zealand did nothing to help that family. This Government will stand up and fight for those people. Thank you.

We have become much too fond of making excuses in this country, of abrogating responsibility when it is clear where the responsibility lies and to ignore plain facts that are before us. The simple truth is obvious too hard for Repulsion Camel to understand.

It is a fact that the caregivers of Nia Glassie were on benefits, it is a fact that they bashed and tortured her to death, we know this because they are in jail for their crimes. It is also a fact that the Kahui twins were abused and killed by persons unknown, but that their family were also all on benefits. In fact tkae a look at the child killings and bashings that have been before the courts for the last 3 years. You will find a few things in common.

  • Their caregivers were on welfare
  • They were mostly Maori

As I have said before, people have to own their own shit. The facts are staring us in the face. It seems that Repulsion Camel doesn’t like plain speaking. i prefer the words of Todd McClay than those of a pretend pasifika/westie/naki girl.

If the cap fits wear it. in order to reduce child abuse and child murders we need to speak plainly and honestly. How come when Todd McCaly peaks about poverty and child abuse she rants and raves and forgets that she too has made similar comments.

Life in even a full-benefit household is not luxury for children. A child in poverty starts life poorly, unless the parent(s) is/ are as life-skilled as Ms Bennett herself was or Mr Key’s mother was. For such children there is no “dream” – more often a nightmare. A child who starts off poorly is likely to do poorly in later life.

Pot, Kettle, Black Repulsion Camel.