Rudd boo'd at Lang Park

The requited love of opinion polls for Kevin Rudd continues to cool but the Prime Minister may have suffered an even more hurtful rejection.

Some 50,000, mainly fellow Queenslanders, at the cauldron of the common man and woman, Lang Park, gave Rudd the biggest boo of his life at Friday’s NRL season opener between the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys.

Being televised live, it was the jeer heard, if not around the nation, then at least down the entire east coast and four days later it was still joyously resonating around yesterday’s Coalition party room like some kind of Mexican boo.

Not only was Rudd panned, a Coalition spokesman said after a joint parties meeting, but the Prime Minister had arrived when the game was ”half over”. Further, he seemed to spend most of his time on his mobile.

”The last prime minister to be booed at Lang Park was Gough Whitlam,” the Coalition spokesman said. ”Hawke never was and Keating never went.”

Oh dear, how sad, never-mind. Pity the video doesn’t seem to be on Youtube.