Rude and a Trougher!

Charlie Shovel , Gladys, Charles ChauvelWhat a proper Charlie. On Close-up tonight we found out that not only is Charlie Shovel aka Gladys rude as a pig to people with families, but also he was having a “nice relaxing” weekend in Auckland. He’s a trougher too!

Pray tell exactly what parliamentary business was he on in Auckland when he is a Wellington based List MP? Who paid for him and his husband’s “relaxing weekend” in Auckland? Was the accommodation put on the taxpayers bill too?

I think we all know the answers to those questions. Of course we paid for the lot, he is a Labour MP.

Then there is his performance on Close-up and with this whole issue. He must have the political brains of a pig as well. Anyone knows that you can’t win in an argument against a nice lady with three kids all under five. Then again the closest Charlie Shovel has come to a family is via a turkey baster.

The fact that he is un-repentant shows just how inept politically he really is. Even Tiger-pig would have apologised and quietly buried the story as a terrible mistake caused by over-work and tiredness. Not Gladys though, he heaps insult upon insult by calling the couple bad parents. That would have finally pushed Mrs Phillips over from not talking to the media to really talking quite a lot to the media. He is a fucktard.

I think we need also to have some rules about parliamentary travel. Perhaps Charlie Shovel is right and kids should be in the rear with the gear, locked in the bog or something similar. But what about MPs?, particularly low rent List MPs who really should have to travel in seats more becoming someone who hasn’t paid for it and if they did got a 90% discount. Down the back in the cheap seats…….oh wait, aren’t the kids down there?….no that won’t work at all.

This all reminds me of the time I was moving to Australia with my family, my daughter was just 1 and my son 2. With all the stress of moving from Wellington to Melbourne I decided to shell out for Business Class seats for the family to make the 3 and half hour trip somewhat sane. The kids were smal that the only one who would have made a noise was Master Whaleoil.

As we were settling down after boarding this fuckwit who was seated directly behind me calls of the trolley dolley and complains loud enough for the whole Business Class to hear about having kids in Business Class. The trolley dolley politely informed Mr Fuckwit that unlike him we had actually paid for our seats and would he like to sit down and prepare for take off. I wasn’t nearly so rude back then otherwise his hand luggage would have inherited a stinky nappy. I just kicked one of his shoes right down the back under the last row, my all-time favourite way to piss off asshole on planes. Watching him frantically searching for his missing shoe was hilarious.

So Charlie Shovel aka Gladys. Apologise, buy a gift, and be magnanimous instead of being a prize twat. Then again he is a List MP, sum of the lowest order.