Sceptics vs. Non-Sceptics

From JoNova

Straight away, this sorts the wheat from the weeds. We don?t learn about the natural world by calling people names or hiding data. We don?t learn by chucking out measurements in favor of opinions. We don?t learn by suppressing discussions, or?setting up fake rules about which bits of paper count or which people have a licence to speak.

A transparent, competitive system where all views are welcome is the fastest way to advance humanity. The Royal Society is the oldest scientific association in the world. Its motto is essentially, Take No One?s Word For It. In other words, assume nothing; look at the data. When results come in that don?t fit the theory, a scientist chucks out his theory. A non-scientist has ?faith?, he ?believes? or assumes his theory is right, and tries to make the measurements fit. When measurements disagree, he ignores the awkward news, and ?corrects?, or statistically alters, the data?always in the direction that keeps his theory alive.

Skeptical Scientist

Skeptical Scientist - Image from JoNova

Unsceptical Scientist

Unsceptical Scientist - Image from JoNova

I wonder which one best represents those who declare the debate is over, the science is settled and the overwhelming evidence is compelling? When the polar opposite is true.

IPCC AR4 Commenter: ?I do not understand why this trend is insignificant ? it is more than three times the quoted error?estimates? – Why oh Why is the ice increasing when all our models say it is melting away!

The Logarithmic Effect of Carbon?Dioxide – This is a real eye-opener fro Carbon-mongers

Emails from ?attack ad? science group?posted – Oh the old ad hominem attack instead of showing their theory works

Methane, The Panic Du?Jour – Why dickheads panic about methane, because the carbon hoax is rumbled.

Global Warming not to blame for toad?extinction – Bugger, scrub that one off the massive list of things Global Warming destroys.

Yowzer! ?sea ice extended to the equator 716.5 million years?ago? – Would that be called a cycle?

Got the picture, it doesn’t take long to find out that the science isn’t settled, the evidence is starting to become overwhelming against AGW and the debate most certainly is not over. Now if we could get Nick “Quota” Smith to clean the wax out of his ears and remove the blinkers we might actually get somewhere.