Should be only one strike

People who travel overseas to have sex with children will face a “strike” towards life imprisonment under new proposals that widen the net of the three strikes bill.

The Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill – under which criminals would be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole on third conviction for any of 40 qualifying offences – was yesterday reported back from select committee amid fierce opposition from Labour.

The committee recommended the bill – which has had five new offences added – be passed, but rejected inclusion of burglary and manufacturing methamphetamine charges as property and drug crimes did not target recidivist violent offenders.

The new offences include having sex with children outside New Zealand; infecting with disease; poisoning with intent to cause grievous bodily harm; counselling or attempting to procure murder; and conspiracy to commit murder.

Firstly we now have proof positive that Labour are both soft on crime and the party of pedophiles and pederasts. I can’t believe that despite all Goff’s and Creepy’s statements to the contrary that Labour are really and truly a soft touch when it comes to crime.

It is also unbelievable that they oppose the jailing after three strikes of kiddy-fiddlers who undertake child sex tours, but then again Dubai is a favourite destination for one MP. Those camel jockey’s really can ride I understand. You would think the Labour Party was being run from the Vatican.

Personally I think that three strikes for kiddy fiddlers is way too lenient. What that says to the pedophiles and pederasts is that it is ok to go on sex tours more than once. It is never OK! That crime should be three strikes all in one. I would include the groomers in that too, sick bastards.

Certainly one blogger is going to be very upset by this law change, it puts him at risk when he flys home to stock up on the cash from mummy and daddy.

The committee has also got it wrong on the manufacture of methamphetamine. This is the most evil and pernicious of drugs and causes untold misery not just to the users, who I have zero sympathy for but for their family and loved ones who get caught up in the mess as well. Were it not for the cooks the product would be harder to get. Personally I think a bullet in the back of the throat would be more appropriate but to leave it out of 3 strikes is ridiculous.