Sounds like a deal to me

Buy a Hummer and get a free shotgun worth $2000…..Deal, where do I sign? First you drive over the hippies Prius then you shoot out the batteries and leak acid every where.

I’ve always wanted a Hummer and every time I see a Toyota Prius on the Motorway with the driver piously hold their nose in the air thinking to themselves “Oh look at me I’m saving the planet every kilometre I drive”, I want to buy 10 Hummers and pay people to drive around following them canceling out their carbon savings. Technically that would be carbon a carbon neutral proposition.

Now onto the real deal. Yeah a Hummer is cool but Browning Citori White Lightening is delightful.There is nothing quite like a superb over and under.

Receiver – Steel ? Silver nitride finish ? High-relief engraving
Barrel – Ventilated rib
Action – Single selective trigger ? Hammer ejectors ? Top-tang barrel selector/safety
Stock – Gloss oil finish Grade II/III walnut ? Lightning-style stock and forearm
Features Vector Pro? lengthened forcing cones on 12 and 20 ? Three Invector-Plus? choke tubes on 12 and 20 ? Three Standard Invector?
on 28 and .410 ? Recoil pad on 12 gauge model ? Ivory front bead sight

Browning Citori White Lightning

Browning Citori White Lightning