Sunday Fiction. Labour's new Hotstuff

Just had a call from Barnsely Bill having his morning coffee, due to his Crippling Laziness Syndrome, he has ordered that I blog this.

He happened to look down at the cover of this weeks Sunday News and on the cover is a photo of “Socialist Cindy” Ardern with the tag “Labour’s new Hotstuff” above it. His first reaction was that they put the wrong photo below the headline, his second reaction was to go straight to the racing pages.

Clearly the sub-editor shortage at the Sunday News has reached catastrophic levels because the article about “My Little Pony” was in the Lifestyle section rather than the Racing “New Fillies” section.

Labour' new hotstuff: Jacinda Ardern

Labour's new hotstuff: Jacinda Ardern

And for completely stupid statement of the year we can look no further than the very same article and a comment from Grant Robertson.

Good friend and fellow Labour MP Grant Robertson shared an office with Adern [sic] through the “extraordinarily stressful” 2005 election year, when they were both advisors to Clark.

He says Adern [sic] defies her age.

“I think she’s made a great beginning. I’d like to think Jacinda will be a cabinet minister in fairly short order.”

Uhhmmm….Grant, sweetie, dear… have to be in government for that to happen, so either you are utterly deluded or “Socialist Cindy” is going to jump ship or should that be a hurdle.

On another note the Sunday News notes she was voted the third sexiest MP, but fails to note that Nikki Kaye came in first and Melissa Lee second. So poor old My Little Pony only ran third, off to the knackers yard for her if she keeps up this form.