Super City protest, some thoughts

I have now heard that of the 30 losers that were at the protest yesterday outside the select committee meeting in Auckland were “Gary” Twyford, of course, “My Little Pony” Ardern, 4 old nanas including Judith Tizard and a few other loonies. So in an urban area of more than 1.4 million people only 30 people and two of those were carpet-baggers anyway thought it important enough to protest. Even the Maoris got off their arse enough to get several thousand even of “Five Chins” Jones and “BK” Horomia stopped off halfway for Burger King.

You have to start thinking that like Radion NZ the amount of people who care enough to protest is actually statistically irrelevant. For the Auckland Radio NZ protest there were 150 people at best, that is almost invisible at 0.010714285714286% of the Greater Auckland population. For the Super City Protest it is a paltry 0.002142857142857%. As I said statistically irrelavent.

More people attend a mugging in South Auckland than turned up for the Super City protest.

However there are more important issues, constitutionally important issues.

The main instigator of the protest is perpetual loser “Gary” Twyford. Now “Gary” is also sitting on the select committee for the Super City. He was supposed to be listening impartially to the evidence being supplied to the Select Committee by citizens who took time out of their busy day, more than actually fronted for the statistically irrelevant protest.

Instead of listening to evidence before the Select Committee he was outside organising a protest before the select committee. This is simply outrageous that a member of an important parliamentary committee is far too busy organising aprotest to actually listen to evidence. Protests outside the hearings are well and good but those protesters saw fit to make their voice known outside of the political protest, which fine, but it counts for nought. Labour showed us that by ignoring the thousands of protesters against the Electoral Finance Act.

Speaking of the Electoral Finance Act, “Gary” Twyford is making much of the 9-1 against presenters before the Select Committee. This is almost always the case. Those in support need not say anything, they are happy. Those against need to present so their opinion is at least registered, whether by email, letter or personal attendance. The Electoral Finance Act would have probably had the same ratio if not worse. Actually it is worse at 19-1 Opposing or amending EFB. The government of the day decided thousands marching in multiple locations and a 19-1 opposed ratio of submission so “Gary” Twyford either needs to work harder or just STFU.