Take a bow Justice Gendall

Last week in the High Court at Whangarei, Justice Warwick Gendall rejected an appeal against the lifting of interim name suppression and it lapsed on Monday.

According to the oral judgment, suppression was granted for Ranger’s first appearance because naming him might end his contract with the New Zealand Rugby Union.

But Justice Gendall said Ranger did not present a special case for name suppression, and the union knew of the charges.

“As Mr Fairley [Ranger’s lawyer] properly acknowledged the appellant is in no special or different position to any other person charged with crimes such as these, simply because he earns his living playing rugby and Mr Fairley acknowledges courts cannot create a special class of defendant.”

Justice Gendall also pointed out that when Ranger was interviewed by police he was accompanied by a rugby union official “who would be well aware of the nature of the allegations”.

One Justice who understands, pity there aren’t more. Now just need FIGJAM to get with the programme.