Tech Tuesday – Fun with Google

from Mashable (see Mashable for the other three, these two are my favourites)

Try a Different Version of the Google Homepage

I feel Lucky Google gags

Sure, Google?s doodles make the famously sparse homepage a little more funky on certain days, but there are ways to jazz it up any day with some homepage tricks that will turn your search base into a pirate-, Klingon- or even Swedish Chef- themed online property.

Most of these work by entering an exact search term and then hitting the ?I?m Feeling Lucky? button. There?s a ton of these, some of which have been active for a while.

Google nods to open source software with Linux- and BSD devil-themed options that can be activated by typing ?google linux? and ?google bsd? then hitting the IFL button.

Those partial to a bit of grog meanwhile can get their Google homepage pirated by doing the same with ?xx-pirate.? Google will display in ?hacker-speak? if you type in ?google l33t.? The Klingon version can be found with ?xx-klingon,? and if you want some bork with your Google, enter ?xx-bork? to go all Muppet Show.

Even more options include pig latin (?xx-piglatin?), an Easter egg-themed page complete with bunny mini-game (?google easter egg?), and a dark gothic way to search (?google gothic?). Typing ?elgoog? offers Google backwards, and there?s an Elmer Fudd tribute at ?ewmew fudd.? Finally, it?s not quite a whole homepage change, but entering ?ascii art? will make the Google logo display in that style.

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Chuck Norris search result joke

A classic, third-party search gag is revealed by asking Google to ?find chuck norris? and hitting the ?I?m Feeling Lucky? button. The result, in bold red, reads ?Google won?t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don?t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.? Suggestions for the next course of action include, ?Run, before he finds you.?

Although not falling into the Easter egg basket, some of the auto-suggestions that can be found via Google?s search service are pretty funny, too.

Try searching name suppression and watching the auto-suggestions.