Tech Tuesday – Product Review – NoiseHush Bluetooth Handsfree

Noisehush N600As you all know the inch by inch implementation of the Police State crept another inch forward with the introduction of a ban on hand held cellphone use in vehicles. This has resulted in a huge number of bluetooth car kits coming on the market and sorting the wheat from the chaff is hard.

The challenge is to find a bluetooth handsfree under $100 with acceptable clarity and zero echoes. I hate echoes, try talking to DPF when he is careening all over the road driving and you will know what I mean.

Originally I got a Bluetooth handsfree from venerable Dick Smith and boy was it a piece of poop. It was under $100 but only just at $99.95.

Conveniently Digimonster sent me a NoiseHush N600 to trial. I have had it for a bit over a month now and love it. It meets all the criteria. It is $99.95, it doesn’t echo and boy does the battery last a long time. I used it on my recent tiki tour to Wellington and Wanganui and it performed flawlessly. You can either charge it via the USB charger or fit the USB charger to the car adapter that is supplied and charge on the run. Word of warning though, it doesn’t appear that you can charge and speak on it at the same time, but that was the same as with the shitty DSE one that I tossed in the rubbish.

The sound quality is as good as some more expensive option I have seen out there, even when you are driving a 4WD with knobblies on a rough road.

Pairing is an easy one touch process and it has an auto-off if there is no handset present for 15minutes. The visor clip is the best I have used. It clips to the visor and then you secure the hands-free with the incredibly strong magnets to the clip. These are strong, it never shook loose despite some very bumpy roads. The other benefit of the clip system is that the N600 is very light, hardly weighs anything and therefore doesn’t drag down your visor when traveling uneven surfaces.

The NoiseHush N600 is stylish and easy to use with no installation requirements. The N600 offers the latest in DSP handsfree speakerphone technology, providing safety while you drive.

As a special, Digimonster has agreed to give WOBH readers a 10% discount if you email [email protected] and tell them you are a reader and saw the product there.


  • Dual Microphone, DSP Technology
  • Lightweight, compact and powerful
  • Attaches to sun visor
  • One touch voice dialing
  • Includes car and usb charger
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • User-friendly, easy to pair

PS: Thanks to Digimonster for the trial, unfortunately for you guys I’m not giving it back….it…uhmmm…disappeared.