The Bizarre off planet views of eco-terrorists

This morning it was a bit chilly as I trudged up early to nick an NBR from the pile of periodicals piled outside the stationers door. Little did I know as I pilfered it that there was perhaps the best article ever written by Matthew Hooton.

As is usual of late he has written about “the struggle” as I have heard him call his opposition to any opposition to progressive ideas that will help to generate more export income for New Zealand, such is his loyalty to the country.

The Wellington establishment?s reaction to John Key?s mining proposal was predictably appalling:viscerally negative, deliberately ignorant and ? in the case of The Economist?s local stringer, to be a Fairfax columnist ? downright treacherous.

Mr Key?s government has demonstrated little enough inclination to exercise the license to be creative he won in 2008; to keep his promise to be ambitious and aspirational.This week?s events, disastrously, have strengthened the agents of timidity within.

A great deal of National’s creativeness disappear along with the “structural surplus” once Michael Cullen economically sabotaged the books. Still John Key’s timidity is there for all to see. Worse though is the Fairfax stringer, Rod Oram Colin James a man who professes not to vote and to have impeccable impartiality, with this egregious piece of partisan hackery against mining.The reason why National was gazumped by the stringer Colin James and Forest and Bird this week is because of a critical failure of basic politics.

National may also have misunderstood its enemies.? The people who run environmental groups are not primarily conservationists but vehicles for the far left.

With at least 100 million dead as a direct result of Marxist economics and Leninist politics, they camouflage their true creed with ?peace?, ?social justice? and ?the environment?.

Take Forest & Bird?s Kevin Hackwell: In the mid-1980s, with Nicky Hager, and just as President Reagan?s strategy to bring the Soviet Union to the table was working, he was instrumental in establishing the so-called ?Peace Movement Aotearoa?, to spread anti-Americanism, anti-Westernism, pacifism and anti-nuclearism.? His so-called ?Just Defence? organisation sought to sabotage the Anzac ships programme.

More recently, Mr Hackwell was instrumental in promoting MMP, destroying the West Coast forestry industry, costing Solid Energy $50 million moving snails around the South Island, promoting various ?social justice? issues, and assisting Mr Hager with his polemic, Secret Power, aimed at subverting the Western anti-terror network.

He is associated with Pete Bethune, currently awaiting trial in Japan on piracy trespassing charges. Oh that it were piracy Matthew

His criticism of the government for putting another 12,000 new hectares into schedule 4 ? while removing just 7000 ? is revealing.? It didn?t count, he said, because that 12,000 ha wasn?t suitable for mining anyway.

In other words, it?s not conserving land per se that concerns Mr Hackwell ? it?s stopping economic development.

The Green movement are largely socialist control freak luddites. Labour are just plain wanting to keep people poor so they have to rely on the state. We know that they don’t believe in their campaign on mining otherwise they would have run on against themselves whilst the Green supported Labour Government issued mining licenses on the Conservation Estate at a rate of one every two weeks.

There can be no criticism of Mr Hackwell?s PR skills.? On the the contrary: he is second only to Mr Hager ? the undisputed champion ? in media manipulation.

Over 30 years, their efforts have successfully poisoned the New Zealand polity so that it is unique in the developed world in responding the way it does to any proposal which would help maintain New Zealand as a mainstream, first-world economy ? whether welfare reform, tax cuts, military alliances, trade agreements, biotech research, nuclear energy or modern mining.

The liberal media can be relied upon to immediately declare mining ?dirty? and to retail the self-evident falsehood that having an extra mine here and there would deter tourists from Australia, the UK, the US, China and Japan ? our top five tourism markets, representing 70% of our visitors, and all with extensive mining industries themselves.

Contrast Australia, where even Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett, now environment minister, supports exporting uranium.

He knows that were an Australian Labor government to put forward a mining plan as limited as Mr Key?s, it would be mocked by the media and public for timidity, and thrown out of office for lacking ambition.

The difference suggests all is lost: So uniquely have New Zealanders imbibed far-left propaganda that, even if he resolved his communications issues, Mr Key will never be allowed by the voters to do what he knows he must to close the gap with Australia.

The left probably have won this battle and won it as usual through lies, dirty dealing, and sneakiness. New Zealander’s are doomed to being a third world country and the eco-terrorists have rooted us.