The Circus is Over – Take out the Clown

 Andrew Williams, Drunk in charge of a cityJonathan Marshall in the SST has done what I have been trying to do for three years, catch Andrew Williams making such an utter fool of himself that he has to resign.

The Clown of Campbells Bay has finally done the unthinkable and unconscionable for any publicly elected official, been caught drunk in charge of his city. It was bad enough that he was so plastered that he couldn’t walk straight, it was worse when he urinated on a council tree outside the council offices, but then he went and got in his car and imperiled his own citizens for over 6km driving home drunk in a council provided car. Then he set out his email insulting both Rodney Hide and Maurice Williamson. Once again his drunk emailing leads him into trouble, but this time Jonathan Marshall was on his trail.

Worse though is he lied to SST when confronted. He needs to resign, if not for such appalling behaviour then for his health.

Actually the situation at North Shore is perilous. How many decisions of this council are now in doubt because of this mayor’s clear problem with alcohol? Each and every-time that The Clown of Campbells Bay hits the news it is for all the wrong reasons, and every-time he has been were backed by the “A” team of Grant Gillon, Tony Holman, Vivienne Keohane, Callum Blair & Deputy Mayor Julia Parfitt. They are as culpable as Andrew Williams, they have enabled his antics.? They never, not even once, spoke out, always assented to everything – they are as much to blame.

Rodney Hide has asked that The Clown of Campbells Bay thinks seriously about his options. He should considering that it is very easy for a citizen to make life very difficult for the Mad Mayor. Schedule 7 to the Local Government Act 2002 perhaps gives the citizens of the North Shore a way to finally rid themselves of this drunken sot.

But Rodney Hide needs to think hard too, with just six months to go he would almost be in a better position to place a commissioner in at NSCC. The last thing Auckland needs is a bitter, drunk old fool holding on to the last vestiges of power and screwing everything up on purpose for the incoming Super Council.

The Lush of Lake Road must go. He has become the Barney Gumble of the North Shore.