The Clown lies like a flatfish

Andrew Williams Mayor - At home on the streets of TakapunaAndrew Williams has had a clean sweep on evening television tonight. Close Up and Campbell Live covering his drunken shenanigans

On Campbell Live he lied, and lied and lied. So did the bar staff. On Close Up the Clown rolled out Grant Gillon to smear and lie for him, thus now implicating Gillon in the cover-up. It is actually sad to watch The Clown lie and lie and lie, the man has a problem and he just won’t face up to it. He is clearly paranoid that htere is some sort of vast conspiracy to get him for some reason. It isn’t vast it is mostly just me and I feel vindicated by drawing attention to this idiots behaviour for the past 2 and half years. As Nick Kearney said on Close Up, it isn’t him drinking the piss, it isn’t him driving drunk, it isn’t him drunk texting, and it isn’t him drunk emailing. Grant Gillon is probably going to be sued by SST and Jonathan Marshall for his scurrilous attack on them. Gillon made a cock of himself describing the nice Nick Kearney guy as Rodney Hide’s henchman.

In order to believe Andrew Williams this is what you need to understand.

  • Andrew Williams said on Saturday to Jonathan Marshall that he was home all night, then he hid behind his missus on Sunday and she said he didn’t come home drunk, in other words he was out when he said he was home. Then today he told the Herald that he was out and wasn’t over the limit (though how he could know, I have no idea), once again at odds with his first interview and then tonight on Campbell Live he confirms he was out and prior to arriving at GPK he was at an “council meeting regarding an important property matter“, which is in stark contrast to the owners of another restaurant who declared that Andrew Williams was at their establishment from 12pm until 6pm.
  • That, after more than 10 hours drinking at two different establishments he then walked soberly down to his office and calmly drove home and didn’t piss on a tree.
  • The was then stone cold sober when he sent an email from home where he had been all night working hard as a mayor should do, when he was actually not at a meeting but in fact at another restaurant followed by another restaurant, after drinking for 10 hours straight. He was of course stone cold sober when he wrote “I won?t be there as I have the Auck?land May?oral Forum on Fri?day Morn?ing but I would gladly give them a a piece if my mind if I was. They will be get?ting off lightly with my being?away.”
  • Pissing on a tree in public is “trivia”.
  • Hurstmere Road, the main street of Takapuna, with bars and restaurants lining it and public toilets is a long walk in the dark from GPK to the Council buildings. (500 metres would be a long way if you were pissed)

An OIA of the Mayors diary should show him to be a liar. If it was such an important property matter then there should be minutes of that meeting, with a record of the attendees. He should also now be telling us exactly who he was with at both restaurants, when Jonathan Marshall says he was alone. These are easy details to verify. The bar staff should also show their timesheets that they were working that night (oops has one been telling porkies?) and why their story tonight is different from the statements they gave on tape to Jonathan Marshall on Thursday night? Perhaps they have realised that to tell the truth would imperil the boss’s liquor license by continuing to serve a pissed clown who was busy trying to grope people.

Not one statement of the Mayor or his missus lines up. The bar staff even got the wine he was drinking wrong, Jonathan Marshall has some of the receipts.

We now know that he was at Portifino Resturant instead of the “council meeting on important property matters“. Lucky for the Clown,? Portifino is but a 100m away from GPK and it is all down hill enabling him to roll into GPK easily. From GPK to the council buildings where his council provided car was is just another 500m again down hill or flat. Even accounting for weaving he would have traveled walked stumbled less than 700m, apparently all in the dark.

As for the matter of Hurstmere Road and alleys being dark, well, what can I say? BTW Google Maps says the quickest way walking from GPK to The Council building is via Hurstmere Road, so does my Vodafone GPS.

When will Andrew Williams come clean and tell the truth? The only story hasn’t changed is Jonathan Marshall’s, he has even released further information today, I’d expect more as the Clown digs in under his mountain of lies.