The Clown of Campbells Bay is a nasty c**t

The Clown of Campbells Bay - Andrew WilliamsMost by now will realise that Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay and the Mad Mayor of North Shore is a bit do-lally. Especially in late afternoon and evening when the combination of alcohol and pain killers has seriously impaired what few brain cells he actually has. So it wasn’t a surprise in the wake of the news that he had been boo’d by mad (and I mean mad as in crazy) constituent that the same constituent had be served a trespass notice by his loyal ally, the Chair?man of the North?cote Shop?ping Cen?tre Asso?ci?a?tion ? Mar?tin Laws. Laws is also Chair?man of the Taka?puna Com?mu?nity Board.

Now The Clown of Campbells Bay prove he really is a nasty c**t. He issues a shoot the messenger and bag the constituent press release.

From: Mayor Andrew Williams

Sent: Friday, March 19, 2010 8:11 AM

Subject: Mayoral Media Release – Edward Rooney doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story

19 March 2009

Edward Rooney doesn’t?let the facts get in the way of a good story

As is his usual style of tabloid “gutter” reporting,?Edward Rooney at The Aucklander/NZ Herald?doesn’t?let?the facts get in the way of a?good? story.

Mr Rooney phoned me this week to enquire about an issue involving Mrs Shirley Squires at the Northcote Shopping Centre, where the centre administration had the?Police serve a trespass?notice on her for offensive behaviour. I?informed Mr Rooney that I was not responsible for the trespass order but I had witnessed her unacceptable offensive behaviour at Northcote Shopping Centre during the Chinese New Year celebrations, and that I was aware that Mrs Squires had had a long history of?such offensive behaviour in public.

I advised him that?North Shore City Council a number of months ago?had?needed to?serve a trespass notice on her for council buildings as she was?intimidating and threatening staff, ?and causing a public nuisance.??I was not responsible for this trespass notice either.

Some of?Mrs Squires neighbours?in Sunnynook?have moved?house?because of her behaviour towards them. She has been arrested a number of times for such disturbances and?for being a public nuisance, and was institutionalised last year by the health authorities?when the situation became intolerable.

Many?people?from council and from the community?have tried to help Shirley Squires over quite a few years but she ignores their assistance,?choosing rather to?harass and?make attacks on?people all around her.?I understand she has similar issues with local MP Dr. Wayne Mapp, and his office has also experienced problems over a period of time with Mrs Squires.

Edward Rooney was aware of?much of this information?but chose to write a very slanted story making Mrs Squires out to be the victim. Unfortunately the truth, which Mr Rooney conveniently overlooks,? is that many many people have been affected for a number of years by?Mrs Squires’?actions, and the patience of the community is?coming to?an end.

I hope she will accept help as its sad to see this situation happening?for anyone.

And a journalist refresher course for Edward Rooney wouldn’t go amiss, as it’s very evident that he needs help too.

Good one dickhead, Isn’t this charming?? Here’s a woman who obviously has a few problems, so the mayor blabs her issues to the whole world, in hopes of making himself look less of a tosser. FAIL!

Plus I bet he didn’t mention his little press release to Wayne Mapp before he went blabbing to the media. Expect a comfortable shoe rammed up your arse in short order.

Why doesn’t he just claim an illness, resign and slide off into obscurity and drink himself to cirrhosis of the liver. He isn’t Crunchy the Clown, he is Crunchy the C**t.