The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Here is a brilliant, succinct summary on the subject of censorship and free speech. I personally don’t subscribe to Philip Pullman‘s point of view and nor am I likely to ever read or purchase his book but I will defend his right to write it and publish it. I don’t like what the left wing has to say but I will protect their right to say it. They of course have no such qualms in shutting down discourse, witness the rabid censorship of Red Alert and The Stranded, and of course the real direct evidence, the Electoral Finance Act, which Labour and it’s support parties implemented to assault our freedom of speech in the contest of ideas.

I am posting on this because I filed and OIA request to try to find out just exactly what process and and the details of that process the Department of Internal Affairs went through to decided unilaterally to implement an internet filter and to arbitrarily decide that some sites on the internet should be banned from being viewed by New Zealanders, even those those sites exist offshore.

Their reply shows pretty much exactly why governments and servants of the government must not be able to circumvent our human rights, yet this is just what the Department of Internal Affairs has done. Read their answer and be afraid. The only real way to challenge them I guess is through a judicial review, but who knows, I certainly don’t.

In a democracy we are supposed to enjoy increasing freedom but somehow politicians and bureacrats are busily eroding those freedoms. We sit and wag the finger at Fiji because they are not a democracy and there needs to be more freedom there and I agree with that, what I don’t agree with is the process through which we are trying to achieve that. But it is totally hypocritical of us to sit here while our own freedoms are being systematically eroded by governments hell bent on passing ever more laws and slowly closing down our freedoms.

I might sound like a weirdo, but it will be people like me that will be saying from the gulags that we told you so. That is if you haven’t already been carted off.

The internet is a wonderful tool, it is breaking down barriers, destroying borders and enabling freedom but our oligarchs (record companies, film industry, media magnates) and our politicians from all sides and the silent sheep who are being led down the path to slaughter all tacitly erode our freedoms every-time an ACTA is passed, every-time a government department decides to restrict what we can and cannot look at. We must stop the nonsense. We must protect our freedoms, we must have a constitution and a bill of rights that sits over our laws, not under.