The idiot doesn't know when to stop digging

The Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay doesn’t know when he is in deep crap and neither does his poor wife.

The wife of North Shore City’s mayor Andrew Williams has gone in to bat for her husband this morning.

The Sunday Star Times alleges Mr Williams urinated on a tree outside council offices and drove home after drinking in a bar.

Mr Williams’ wife, Jane Williams, says when her husband got home he was not drunk at all and he would certainly never drive drunk. She says the mayor does not want to talk about the allegations because he is fed up with a newspaper reporter trying to stir up trouble.

“I think it’s a very exaggerated report of whatever happened on Thursday night, to be quite honest.”

Ms Williams says the mayor will not be responding to calls for his resignation.

Bloody Clown, did he think that the SST would have gone to print without more evidence just waiting for the denial and the lies. Next thing we will hear is that has just recently contracted diabetes so he can tun the Keith Allen defense.

I can’t wait to see if there was anything on the NSCC security cameras. The Mad Mayor’s credit card bills would also be illuminating.

Andrew Williams is a drunk Clown

Andrew Williams is a drunk Clown