The liars and hypocrites of Labour

Just yesterday Phil Goff said;

Mr Goff told them if he’s elected, mining won’t happen here, “no ifs, no buts, no maybes”.


“Opportunistic would be taking advantage of a situation we didn’t believe in,”


Labour has never agreed with protected Schedule Four land being mined, and it will overturn these decisions if it gets elected.

And today what do we find out? We find that Phil Goff is just another lying snake in the grass. If Labour had NEVER agreed with Schedule Four land being mined then why when he was part of the Labour Cabinet for 9 years allow just such a place to have a permit, the middle of a National Park? What happened to NEVER?

Even worse in the hypocrisy stakes, over nine years Labour;

?It turns out Labour approved a permit in 2006 for mining gold, garnets and other gemstones on 168.5 hectares of land at Hart Creek, inside Paparoa National Park.

Figures released by Crown Minerals [attached] show 218 permits were approved under a Labour government for mining inside Department of Conservation land between December 1999 and October 2008.

?The information shows Labour were happy for mining to take place on 21,961 hectares of land, meanwhile the government is seeking approval to release a mere 7,058 hectares of Schedule Four land, of which as little as 500 hectares might be mined,? Mr Brownlee said.

Utter hypocrisy. Utter lies from the who wants you to choose him for prime minister next year. Hell the man is a fraud. What happened to “never believed”? Is Phil Goff going to honour his promise to overturn mining permits on DOC land and will he include Labour’s mining permits?

The media should now also be crucifying Forest and Bird and their friendly leaker. Where was their integrity and honour when Labour was in government for 9 years and 200 mining permits on Conservation land?

We also need to question Andrew Little’s role in all of this. Labour’s biggest branch affliate union is the exact same union that represents miners and engineers and almost every job that a mining company has. Have they insisted upon all those permits to add more members and thus funds to their coffers? If it is good enough for anonymous Labour staffers masquerading as bloggers to say National is in the pay of mining interests then surely with a much bigger mining programme under Labour it is a valid question to ask of Labour’s biggest branch affiliate union. Also the biggest branch affiliate union to donate to the party, and provide call centres, printing, postage, and staff during elections.

Labour is literally caught pants down in the back of a goat on this issue, their credibility is shot all to hell. Phil Goff should resign and resign now, so should Tigerpig for his outburst aimed at destroying the economy and while they are all falling on their sword so should Koru Club.