The little Party that can't

Poor old Labour [snigger], looks to be a long, very long time in opposition.

The latest Roy Morgan NZ Poll shows support for John Key?s National-led Government is up 1% to 57.5% comprising National Party 53.5% (up 1.5%), Maori Party 2.5% (unchanged) and ACT NZ 1.5% (unchanged).

Support for Opposition Parties is 42.5% (down 1%); Labour Party 31.5% (down 1.5%), Greens 8% (unchanged), NZ First 2% (unchanged) [WO: WTF are these people stupid], The Progressive Party 0.5% (up 0.5%) and Others 0.5% (unchanged). If a National Election were held today the National Party would win easily.

The Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating is 140.5 (up 1.5 points) with 65% (up 1%) of New Zealanders saying New Zealand is ?heading in the right direction? compared to 24.5% (down 0.5%) that say New Zealand is ?heading in the wrong direction.?