The most expensive phones in the world

I am staggered, even when me and my mates were selling phone systems we never did a deal as spectacularly good for the sales person and bad for the customer as the “deal” that Telecom has been extorting from the DHBs.

Telecom is scrambling to offer health providers alternatives to its beleaguered XT network as a third district health board confirms it is considering dropping its contract.

The Dominion Post reported yesterday that Hutt Valley and Capital & Coast district health boards had asked to switch to another network, saying the problems with XT were putting patients at risk if on-call doctors could not be contacted.

Capital & Coast would not say how much its 341-phone contract is worth, but Hutt Valley’s 49-phone contract is more than $1 million.

Fuck me dead, that is astounding! I was trying to figure it out, even over five years it’s still an average phone bill of $340 per month.

If I was Tony Ryall I would seriously, seriously be looking very closely at the rorting that Telecom is conducting inside the health Sector. Another area worth rattling the cage over is the exorbitant costs associated with the Health Intranet. When you have got the officials bullshit explanation as to why THI is so expensive, give me a call and I’ll translate it for you.

There are literally millions to be saved just in communications.