The stupidity of Name Suppression continues

Just today we have a rash of cases involving name suppression with very little reasoning behind it.

Man, 81, avoids rape trial due to health
New Zealand Herald
At a preliminary hearing in the Rotorua District Court last June the man, who has name suppression, denied the charges. He had appeared at various pre-trial

Name suppression remains for police shooting accused
his name to stay secret, said the judge, but the man’s lawywer, Shane Tait, said there were far more extensive grounds for needing continued suppression
Name Suppression has been lifted

An Auckland businessman accused of a $3 million fraud is fighting to keep his name under wraps.

After sitting in court today and witnessing a few cases before the judge ii can see why our court system is clogged to gunwales. It is utterly, hopelessly dis-organised. The criminals are actually better organised than the court staff. For my case the Police hadn’t yet passed the evidence nor the 4 summons to the Crown prosecutor, who is a thoroughly nice man and utterly confused by this case because he usually handles major Muder cases. Why Meredith Connell assigned a top Murder prosecutor to my way of thinking seems a little too cosy.

There is certainly a lot of nudge, nudge, wink, wink and to see court staff run up and give Sillie Millie big hugs is truly disgraceful.

“FIGJAM” Power has a lot on his plate to fix, but as he is also part of the establishment I doubt he will do a thing.

Anyway, back to my case. I have been remanded at large until 25 August which is my trial date. “FIGJAM” can look forward to 6 more months of the Streisand Effect. The public are not going to continue to stand for it if my reception by the criminal underclass when they realise what I am there for.