The tale of 4 MPs expenses

Mangrove NashThis is a tale about four MPs expenses. It makes for an interesting comaprison between constituency MPs and scum List MPs, and between one party with a sense of entitlement and? one without the necessity to pick the taxpayers pocket excessively.

Two MP are constituency MPs and their expenses in the last release were $12,328 and $10,969 respectively.

Two MPs are scum List MPs and their expenses are $29,703 and $26,110 respectively

What the hell are they doing to rack that much up? Why the differences? Perhaps the list MPs are Ministers? Maybe they live in different parts of the country?

The answer is perhaps not surprising but it sure is telling.

Electorate MPs: Foss 12,328, Tremain 10,969
List MPs: Barker 29,703, Nash 26,110!

Silent P BarkerNormal rules by the socialists, some are more equal than others. Preveious expense releases show the same pattern.

They all live in the same region travel on the same flights and about the same distance from Napier Airport. None are Ministers. Their expenses should be roughly the same. the only one with any excuse to be a little higher is Craig Foss being the Chair of the Finance Committee.

Turns out that some pigs really are more equal then others.

Thanks to Guido (I am but a child before his brilliance) for the idea,