Thompson lucky she doesn't live in U.K.

There is clearly a much tougher regime in England – Mary Anne Thompson got off very lightly!

Rhiannon Mackay, the first woman in the country to be imprisoned for lying on a CV, wrongly claimed to have two A-levels and also made up references.

The 29-year- old, who used the fake CV to apply for 11 other jobs, held the post of capital projects administrator in the NHS from May 2008 until last October.

But suspicions were raised about her performance and she admitted lying on her CV when challenged by bosses at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

Plymouth magistrates heard the post required applicants to have at least two A-levels and Mackay, a former Royal Navy sonar operator, claimed she had two grade Bs.

When asked to provide a reference she forged a letter of recommendation and signed it using the name of her now husband, a chief petty officer.

Mackay, of Plymouth, admitted fraud by making a false representation and asked for 11 similar offences to be taken into consideration.

She also admitted making a false instrument? -? the reference and a forged naval discharge certificate.

The real pity is that the people behind promoting? Mary Anne Thompson are safely ensconced in the UN ruling over the peons. Mary Anne Thompson, a part of the sister-hood until she applied to work in DPMC, then her lie was exposed by Heather Simpson who promptly ordered a cover-up. Mary Anne Thompson was obviously too stupid to get the hint and carried on, assisted I might add by Tigerpig, though to be fair to him he probably wasn’t using his brain for thinking that day.

If she had been called out by Simpson and Clark when she first submitted her CV instead of worrying like Caesar for Clark’s dignitas then this whole fiasco would have been solved earlier.