Tigerpig, Tigerpig, does whatever a Tigerpig does….

Tigerpig Mallard…Can he swill from the trough, Yes he can, because he is the Tiiiiigerpig.

Late Last night a loyal Whaeloil Army members (Special Ops) sent me a message about the strange, creepy stalking behaviour of Tigerpig, all behaviour that he troughed up at our expense.

Now we all know that Tigerpig has a fetsh with women, after rooting his way around the country on the pretext of parliametary and ministerial business, but his fetish for Anne “Closer” Tolley is becoming rather creepy.

He flew up from the hell-pit that is Wellington yesterday so he could stalk Tolley by videoing both her and Chief at meeting. My understanding is he also made audio recordings. Of course this would have been on the tit of the taxpayer. Tigerpig has himself confirmed the story boasting of his exploits on Red’s are Berks.

After the cake disaster from Creepy Cosgrove we now have this stalking behaviour by Tigerpig and don’t forget the racist rant by Repulsion Camel supported by Clare Curran, it seems as though there is a serious problem within the Labour caucus on behaviour that is appropriate for MPs. What Labour seems to have forgotten that it was exactly this sort of behaviour that turned the electorate off them. I am happy for them to continue though as it give me free hits.

I know Closer is as cunning as a fox but looking like a fox is another thing, mind I suppose Tigerpig can’t be too choosy these days. It’s rather sad actually, so much talent and all wasted on scoring random chicks.