Twyford takes another one in the chook

Poor old Phil “Gary” Twyford, the carpet-bagger, took another one in the chook today in Waitakere where Repulsion Camel, another carpet-bagger has won selection to be the next corpse for Labour.

If I was “Gary” Twyford, I’d start thinking that I had a better chance of getting selected by joining the National party. The score so far for “Gary” this term is Mt Albert, screwed by Goff so “Blackwater” could get in, Auckland Central – told to eff-off even though he had made his office there just down the road from Nikki Kaye so My Little Pony could try and unseat Kaye, and now Waitakere – given one in the chook yet again by the party. So 3-0.

Imagine the ignominy, he is a list MP, so the lowest of the low and he can’t take a trick in any seat he cares to stand for. Perhaps he could be the place holder in Epsom for Labour, third place that is. Poor Bastard.